WALTAR is an Ethiopian independent provider of multi-vendor engineering solutions.


To be  a nationally  and regionally  prominent communications, security and ICT solutions provider known for high professional competency.


Undertake communications, security and ICT projects to give clients services that meet international standards and exceed their expectations

  • We will be committed to provide high quality services.

  • We will be ethical, honest and accountable for what we do

About us

WALTAR is one of the fastest growing IT, Security & ELV solution providers in Ethiopia.

Headquartered in Addis Ababa, WALTAR provides a comprehensive range of Low Current, IT & Security solutions and services to small, midsized and large scale businesses, all over Ethiopia.

Established in 2017, by a team of experienced IT and Telecom professionals, WALTAR has always strived for perfection by providing best customer satisfaction. In a few years, through our product and service excellence combined with outstanding value, We have established ourselves as a leading IT & ELV solutions provider within the industry.

Our capabilities and skill sets allow us to Design/Consult and Integrate complex projects. Ourgood relation with leading vendors also allows us to bridge the gap in having a successful project.



As an independent consultant, we have no affiliations with any particular brands, products, technologies or suppliers. We only work for the client, bringing objective, unbiased, cost-effective engineering design solutions. We regularly conduct industry and manufacturer surveys to stay ahead of developing trends and to ‘future proof’ our own in-house criteria.

system Integration

WATAR is a Systems Integrator Company.Our dedicated purpose is to provide turnkey technology solutions to residential and commercial spaces.

Annual Maintenance/Support

Is your business growing but not yet have IT department? Do you need dedicated IT/ELV professional to look after your systems? Do you need regular maintenance for your IT/ELV systems?
If you answer YES, our Maintenance/Support Services is the right solution for your growing business.

Our Solutions

IT Infrastructure
Data Center
CCTV System
PA System
FA System
Access Control Systems
Conference and Sound Systems
PBX System

IT Infrastructure

Our IT Infrastructure solution is designed to help your business to expand its network. Either it be fiber or just simple coper cable we can tailor a solution for your business.

Data Center

We design and integrate world class datacenter infrastructure both large and small. We understand the mission critical nature of every data center related to the business and manages the design and installation accordingly.

CCTV System

More and more businesses are installing video security systems and for reasons beyond just catching shoplifters. New technologies make surveillance system a useful tool and an investment that will pay for itself

PA System

Public Addressing System is comprised of amplifiers, mixers, many loudspeakers, and microphone. Normally used to extend human voice and in an emergency situation in which people attention is required.


SMATV/IPTV system distributes television channels to different rooms/units in commercial buildings such as schools, apartments and /or hotels

FA System

Fire alarm systems are the primary life safety system for every building. Properly deployed, a fire alarm system reduces the probability of injury or loss of life and limits damage due to fire, smoke, heat and other factors. We provide both conventional and addressable fire alarm.

Access Control Systems

Many businesses have areas with restricted access. These areas can contain safes, high value inventory, data servers, or sensitive information. A security camera combined with access control system will help secure these areas and monitor who accesses them.

Conference and Sound Systems

Our systems are designed to expand to meet your delegate numbers and conferencing requirements, and include options for remote delegate stations, language distribution, external source inputs, automatic camera tracking and PA or record function outputs.


We provide installations, upgrade and maintenance service for PBX phone systems.

Successful Projects

Our success stories are a proof that our customers have benefited from our innovative solutions and services.

Century Mall

SCOPE: Nacho Trading PLC select WALTAR to finalize system integration for its multipurpose building
Responsibilities of WALTAR include:
  • Install cabling infrastructure
  • SMATV Systems
  • IPCCTV Systems
  • Data network including WIFI
  • Fire Alarm and public Address System
  • Testing and Commissioning 

Haile Resort -Adama

SCOPE: Haile Resort selected WALTAR as a specialized ELV System integrator for its Four Star Hotel at Adama City.

Responsibilities of WALTAR include:

  • Install cabling infrastructure

  • Fiber Splicing

  • SMATV Systems

  • IPCCTV Systems

  • Hotel Door Access Control

  • Data network including WIFi

  • Fire Alarm and Public Address Systems

  • Meeting Hall Sound Systems Testing and Commissioning


SCOPE: ZAMRA CONSTRUCTION selected WALTAR to install structured cabling for the new B+G+12 building in Addis Ababa

Responsibilities of WALTAR include:

  • Install structured cabling for all floors of the building
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Test and commissioning

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Piassa, Kelifa Business Center, 5th floor
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM